Scientific activity is very intensely uppermost in the thoughts of those who wish to undertake it in the only way that has sense (that is, at the highest levels), and being far removed from emotions, ideological and metaphysical conceptions it tends to prevail even over family and social responsibilities.
It requires absolute concentration.

P.G.  “How to define a researcher” July 2016


Scientific communication, together with post-university training, represents one of the chief goals of the Association “Paolo Gasparini”.
It proposes to play a role of “cultural mediation”, stimulating discussion at the national and international level for the development of more advanced scientific knowledge in the following disciplines: Geophysics, Risks Connected to Energy Production, Multi-Risk Assessment Methods, Real-time Risk Reduction, with the aim of contributing to the training of a new generation of RESEARCHERS.

The Association shall promote and organise:

  1. cultural events such as seminars, workshops, conferences, debates, events related to Geophysics, Risks of Energy Production, Multirisk Assessment Methods, Risk Reduction in Real Time;
  2. post-university training;
  3. training also for non-members, such as theoretical updating courses, workshops and teaching seminars, also in schools of every level and type.


The training of real researchers or scientists does not stop in their early years of research in a group, but must continue throughout their lives. Hence, besides individual study, a suitable environment is required. This is why international mobility is essential, understood not only as participation in conferences, but also as working in different laboratories and continuous interaction with colleagues from other universities.
(How to define a researcher – Paolo Gasparini, July 2016)

The Association “Paolo Gasparini” has the OBJECTIVE of activating three annual courses and awarding at least ONE annual scholarship.

The courses will be able to be taken in E-Learning mode.

Proven originality and scientific quality of a project in the fields of Geophysics, Risks of Energy Production, Multirisk Assessment Methods, Risk Reduction in Real Time, will allow candidates access to a scholarship for an amount that will be resolved annually.

Membership is conditional upon the presentation of an appropriate application written by the prospective applicants.

  • FOUNDER MEMBER: association fee of €70 per annum
  • ORDINARY MEMBER: association fee of €50 per annum
  • SUPPORTING MEMBER: association fee of €200/500 per annum
  • STUDENT MEMBER: association fee of €10 per annum (university department and matriculation number required)

Info and contacts:
mobile +39 335 5617578