Paolo Gasparini’s Memorial Day will be held on 25 November, starting at 10.00 in the Aula Azzurra of the Monte Sant’Angelo University Campus.

It will be officially opened by the Chancellor Prof. Gaetano MANFREDI, followed by speeches to be made by:

Piero Salatino, President of AMRA – President of the Polytechnic and School of Basic Sciences
Lucia Civetta, First pupil in Volcanological Research
Aldo Zollo, First pupil in Seismologic Research
Jochen Zschau, GFZ, International collaboration– Seismic Risk Research
Warner Marzocchi, INGV – Hazard and Probability Research
Franco Barberi – Project: Geodynamics, Volcanology and Civil Protection
Ugo Leone – Director of the AMRA journal Ambiente Rischio e Comunicazione – Head of Environment and Territory
Chiara Campanella – Family and colleague from University of Naples Federico II
Elena Gasparini -Family

The day will conclude with the reading of a passage and music by a clarinettist, the instrument played by Paolo Gasparini as a self-taught boy.
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